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100% Herbal Cockroach Repellent made from Natural Oils and Herbal Extracts. It is safe, non toxic and eco friendly

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Cockroach Repellent Powder

It is highly important to take care of the surroundings we live in; how safe, sanitized and hygienic it is? Researchers have proven significant health hazard from insects and pests, which carry bacteria, virus, fungus etc. from sewers, drains. Cockroaches reproduce and multiply fast. A smallest sign of a cockroach population can be noted to a much bigger problem.  Cockroaches are known to be the hosts of disease carrying bacteria that could be a source of dysentery, salmonella, gastroenteritis and diarrhoea amongst others.
Our all natural cockroach repellent powder is a revolutionary formulation developed keeping in view the cockroach’s biology, life pattern and reproduction cycle. An attractant of the product ensures its consumption by cockroaches. Then the advantage of cockroach’s cannibalistic nature and their habit of feeding on their faeces ensures eradication of even those hidden cockroaches which have not directly fed thereby eliminating the root of the problem: the colony itself.
Parry Naturals Cockroach Repellent Powder- Benefits

Made in India
Sustainable, naturally derived raw materials, non-toxic
Very easy to apply
Safe for use in and around food storage areas as well
Contains no harmful poisons and chemicals
Safe for use around kids and pets
Readily biodegradable

Parry Naturals Cockroach Repellent Powder- Environmental advantage:

Fast and complete biodegradability
Works in accordance to the biology of pests and insects
Supports five elements of nature
Packaging material: Bottle and cap is HDPE 100% Recyclable, labels are made of polyethylene; 100% recyclable and can be recycled together perfectly.

Instructions for use: SHAKE WELL BEFORE EVERY USE
Mix the powder with sufficient water to make a paste/ gel. Put small spots of the paste in places where the infestation of cockroaches is high, e.g. corners of the kitchen shelves, side draws, below the kitchen sink, under the gas cylinder, under the microwave, fridge hinges etc. Care should be taken while applying in cracks and crevices as chances of cleaning off the material increases in open. The product lasts for more than three month.



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