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A powerful rejuvenator, that is helpful in obstinate constipation, acidity, common cold, cough and asthmatic problems. It provides beneficial effects to the body and organs, particularly the colon, liver, spleen and lungs as well

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Harad Honey Murabba
In Ayurveda, Haritaki is the name of the dried fruit of the Terminalia Chebula tree. It is also known as Harad, Kadukkai, Karakkaya, Kadukka Podi and Chebulic Myrobalan in various languages across the region.
It grows across Asia, particularly in forests of Northern India, and has a long history of medicinal use as a health panacea, adaptogenic tonic and natural cure for a wide variety of disorders and diseases.It is often prescribed as a stand-alone treatment for specific disorders and to bring an unhealthy body back into balance as itis so good for digestive health, disease prevention, detoxification, dropping unwanted body fat, better skin and hair and much more.It is considered a destroyer of diseases and an eliminator of toxins and wastes from throughout the body, improving digestion and promoting healthy weight loss.
A powerful rejuvenator, it provides beneficial effects to the body’s organs, particularly the colon, liver, spleen and lungs.
Harar murabba is helpful in the management of chronic and obstinate constipation, acidity, hard stools, hemorrhoids, common cold, cough and asthmatic problems.It is also good nutritious sweet preserve for brain and respiratory system. It provides strength to lungs, alleviates inflammation, and dilates airways, which ultimately gives relief in chest congestion, wheezing and breathing troubles. Raw honey naturally contains nutrients and enzymes that have a variety of health benefits and medical uses. Raw honey is pure, unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed. Our unique recipe of Harad Murabba in Raw honey has some remarkable properties for improving your health and well-being.
Parry Naturals Harad Honey Murabba – Benefits
Rich source of Antioxidants
Antibacterial and Antifungal
Good for eyes
Helps improve body immunity to fight infection
Useful in headaches, hair greying, dyspepsia, piles
Helps improvedigestion and better gastrointestinal health
Decreases stomach acidity and guards against ulcers
Helps innatural weight loss
Helps cure mouth ulcers and lung disorders
Considered a premier detoxifier and blood builder
Found to lower blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity
Helps better skin and hair



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