Quality Management

We consider quality control as one of the key factors contributing to our success. We make every effort to implement stringent quality control measures to ensure the highest standards of product quality.

We have established our quality control system strictly in compliance with the GMP standards.
PFIL places great emphasis on maintaining and improving the quality of its products and has the following quality procedures in place:

Independent Quality Control System

We have a comprehensively designed quality control system which incorporates good manufacturing practice, quality control over production and relevant risk management measures.

Testing of raw materials purchased

Our procurement team carefully selects suppliers based on quality of raw materials, as well as suppliers’ experience, their operation scales and their production bases. We sample test each batch of shipment of raw materials to verify their ingredients and quality in accordance with our stringent standards.

Production process in compliance with GMP standards

Our procedures are designed to ensure that the materials and products are properly received, stored, distributed and delivered in order to prevent any cross-contamination and mix-up of any of the herbal extracts. In addition, we have established and implemented policies and measures for the hygiene control of our premises and equipment. All of the production equipment in direct contact with our raw materials and products are made of high quality food grade material and each production process in direct contact with our raw materials and products is carried out in our clean production environment.

Testing of products internally and by third party independent testing agencies

Our quality control team monitors every stage of our manufacturing process to ensure that these processes comply and meet our stringent quality standards. Aside from the safety testing conducted by our in-house testing laboratory, we also engage independent third party laboratories to perform safety tests on our finished products, ensuring local and international compliance. Every batch of our products must pass the safety tests of heavy metals, toxic elements, and microbial limits before they can be released into the market, thereby guaranteeing its reliability and safety.

Channel for customer feedback and complaint

We provide training and presentations to educate our customers on the proper use of our products and provide channels to collect their feedback on the quality and curative efficacy of our products. We have specific procedures on handling customer complaints.